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A Day to Remember…

I don’t know how I’ve ever viewed irony; as I haven’t really ever taken the time to think about it. But I do believe that God allows things to happen for a reason. On this day exactly four years ago … Continue reading

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Don’t take it …. grant it.

Sure, I could very easily tell you not to take life, or anything for that matter, for granted.  Nothing difficult in that. After all, so many of us have way more than what we really need anyway; and yet, a larger, … Continue reading

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Find YOUR daily inspiration! Happy Tuesday, friends! So, rather than my normal blog posts, which at times are as much inspiration to me as I intend for them to be to you– I felt it appropriate to forward some inspirational … Continue reading

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Celebrate your today, TODAY.

Where are you today? What have you accomplished today that you thought you never would? What small or great feats have you mastered, or new talents have you discovered? What mile have you walked today, or what goal did you meet … Continue reading

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Shhh….listen. You hear that?

Be quiet! Listen for a minute. Do you hear that? I do. It’s your dream and mine. Be there; be in it for a second. Open up to it, hear and listen. Be sensitive to it and heed the call. … Continue reading

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Dream YOUR Dream; Your now is waiting.

  This is where she starts. Blank slate, blank canvas.  Fresh roll of film, brand new cassette tape. Pen in hand, rhymes ready, cameras rolling. Thoughts, ideas, creative minds flowing Ready to apprehend the criminals of a past life And … Continue reading

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Are we there yet, Mama?

Not quite yet, my dear little one. You must have patience; right now you have none. But Mama knows how long it will be before we get to our stop, you see. For Mama’s ridden this bus before I’ve walked … Continue reading

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