Don’t take it …. grant it.

Sure, I could very easily tell you not to take life, or anything for that matter, for granted.  Nothing difficult in that.

After all, so many of us have way more than what we really need anyway; and yet, a larger, more unseen, unacknowledged percentage of the population need so much more than what they have…Or can even get their hands on.

It never ceases to amaze me how we treat the smallest things — even the most basic of human necessities, like clean water, soap to bathe, or food to eat, like they are somehow never beyond our reach.  As if we could never find ourselves in a time or place of need or want.

The cable TV stations we gaze at for hours on end have sadly become the more preferred methods of entertainment, rather than hands-on play time with our kids.  Shopping at the mall (for those fortunate enough to be able to do so) is an exercise, sure…..One that trains our brains to spend more, eat more, buy more.  It exercises the muscles that will someday no longer be needed if and when the money runs out, the ATMs shut down, and food is scarce.  What happens then?



I can remember one sweltering summer in the early 2000’s while my family was living in New York, the entire northeastern seaboard experienced the worst and longest-running “blackout” in a very long time.  If I recall correctly, we had no power (not even a generator) for perhaps a week or so.  Talk about inconvenience!  If there was ever a time to get to know your neighbors and find a creative outlet, that was it!  With no TV or air conditioning, no ice or cold water, and not a single working ATM for miles, all we could do was sit around, sweat, and talk.  Kids played real games, like hopscotch and kickball.  Parents washed clothes in the tub and hung them out to air dry.  And when that got old, we sat down and …. wait for it…. READ BOOKS.  (Go ahead, you can breathe now.)


My point in all of this is not to take you on a stroll down memory lane for those who relate to this anecdote; as much as it is a call to wake up and start giving more than taking.  People, family, friends, neighbors, are in need all around us.  Why it is that we want to take more than we want to give I’m not certain.  Maybe we’re afraid that we’ll run out of the endless supply of laundry soap and snack bars stored in our pantries, who knows.  The true blessing, though, comes when we share what we have with others – rather than waiting at the curb for what the postman might bring to us.

Love deeply, today, friends.  Give freely – of yourself, your time and energy, your blessings – so someone else can take it, use and repurpose it, and give it to someone else.  You’ll be so glad you did. 🙂


I hope you find your inspiration, today.  Bless and be blessed in all you do <3.


In love,






About GrowEvolveChange

Blogger, freelance photographer, praise dancer, and Christian songwriter. Leading others to Christ through a unique, diverse ministry - experiencing God's blessings and sharing them along the way. "Everything before now was just practice. Now is the time to reap and harvest." -GrownLovedChanged "Come out of where you are, and pour into someone else today." -GLC
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