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Don’t use the “EN” word!!!

Well, by golly, I am going to do just that. Only I am not – I refuse, actually – to use the one you might be thinking of. Quite honestly, I can’t stand that word.  Listening to other people use … Continue reading

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My time, my place, my airspace (Reflections)

Yes, Lord, I am patiently waiting on ribbed abs and six pacts of your loving agreement.   Too many hearts were bleeding, My very own needs exceeding those which were to be before me.   But now you’ve come along, … Continue reading

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Salute you (Photo only)

Saluting you today…

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Fore Gone Salute.

You are honored. You are heroes. You are veterans. You are. Fought the good fight, Battled on through the night, Stood up for my rights, You are. Waged wars, Battle scars, Modified cars, You are. This last poem is my … Continue reading

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Defining Moments – An Interview.

Thanks for allowing us to be here with you today, and help with the interview. No worries, I’m grateful you took the time to meet with me. My first question is, how can you write with such passion for something … Continue reading

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My movement…. :)

My movement, My freedom, liberty, just us, and peace, My forever gratitude. My movement, No chains, no bonds, no yokes, I’m free My eternal peace is now resting in thee. Chains gone Set free Know peace I’m me. She concludes … Continue reading

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I AM so ready for tomorrow! :)

Hello, tomorrow. .. 🙂 I know you’re not here yet, but I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to meet you. I’ve waited forever and an eternal peace to see you, and forever and always I’ll … Continue reading

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