30 minutes ’till the next bus…

Go ahead, complain.

You’ve got 30 minutes until the next bus.


You don’t like the tap water coming out of the sink?

You say you prefer bottled water to drink?


Go ahead, I’m listening.

30 minutes ’till your next bus.


You hate that new job, with the great ocean view?

You say you’ve got laundry and shopping to do?

Don’t like the flowers he bought you, or that pretty new dress?

Only Chanel, no knock-offs, the best of the best?


Go on, girl, keep talking.

30 minutes; your bus.


Actually, wait, hold on, I’ve got something to say.

Turn me up in the irony, now DJ, hit play.


You say you’re too good to be standing outside?

It sounds to me, friend, like you’re chock full of pride.

No gas in the car and the cupboards are bare

But yet I see you spend money everywhere?


Too good for that man who treats you just like a queen?

You say you like “realness“.

I see, you want him to be mean.


You like all that arguing, screaming non-stop?

You better take cover if his dinner ain’t hot.

If he beat you one time, he’ll beat you again.

Do you even know what it’s like to have a good man?


You want the new ride and all the new toys

Too concerned with the club and hangin’ out with the boys.


My sister, be grateful for all that you have.

Let me encourage you, friend, to stay on the right path.

It won’t always glisten and come wrapped with a bow.

Sometimes you’ll have to keep looking –

So search high and search low.


To get to your happy, to get to your peace,

To get to your safe place, just fall to your knees.

Let God bless you and keep you today –

Don’t you cry no more, child, no don’t you complain.


Now get out your change,

get your bag and your things.

Your new life is here.  It was waiting in the wings.

Get. On. The. Bus.






About GrowEvolveChange

Blogger, freelance photographer, praise dancer, and Christian songwriter. Leading others to Christ through a unique, diverse ministry - experiencing God's blessings and sharing them along the way. "Everything before now was just practice. Now is the time to reap and harvest." -GrownLovedChanged "Come out of where you are, and pour into someone else today." -GLC
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