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Good Morning, America!

Good morning, Mr. Arizona, nice new shoes today. Good morning, Ms. Jamaica, stay cool today, I pray. Good morning, Mrs. Sun City, where are all your friends? Good morning, Mr. HCC, your learning never ends. Happy Monday, Mr. Dreadlocks, who … Continue reading

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The proof is in the details.

Snap a photo. Jot down the memory. Draw in your sketchbook. Sing your song into your recorder. Just preserve the memory of it. Blow your trumpet really loud. So loud it no longer makes a sound. Be glad, be happy, … Continue reading

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A little more Jesus…

Today is truly one of those days, when I need just a little more Jesus. The weight of the world and life’s daily ups and downs can be overwhelming. If ever there was a day or time when I need … Continue reading

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Simplicity isn’t complicated :-)

Naivete. The very word invokes thoughts that one who is naive is simple, lacks understanding, or perhaps even too ill-equipped to know what is happening to or around them. While this may be true to some degree, I argue that … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions!

Freedom is an awesome thing.  It took me a very long time to even be able to know and understand what true freedom is.  Not only am I able to worship freely in Jesus Christ, but in doing so, I … Continue reading

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