Despair meets Deliverance

It’s like a scene from an apocalyptic sci-fi film that you paid too much money for. Good vs. Evil, man vs. beast, etc….only this isn’t a film, folks.

It’s real life.

Oh, how we’d like to believe that there won’t one day be a rapture and the King of kings and the Lord of lords won’t return!  But He will.

Those trumpets really will sound, the clouds shall truly part, and the King of glory really will come in.  It’s not make believe; it’s the will and plan of God.

You don’t have to believe me; just open your bible and (as you read through) skip to the back of the book to the chapter entitled Revelation. The proof is in the red letter.

Although it sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be. There is good news for you, friend.  You see, we have a blessed hope in Jesus Christ. In exchange for your heart, soul, and your plans, God gives us His Spirit, unspeakable joy, and life everlasting.  And a plan for your life that is far better than anything else. The trade off really isn’t fair; what He gives us is worth so much more than we can offer Him.

The alternate option isn’t so great, although seemingly attractive on the surface. You see, Satan’s desire for your soul is a bloodthirsty, greedy, gainful one to the extent that he will stop at nothing to gain a grip on you and drag you to hell’s pit.

It’s your choice, and your mission, should you choose to accept it.  I can assure you that life is sweet with Jesus.  Signing a pact with Satan only brings death and destruction.  It’s no laughing matter, and not a fun game, let me tell you.

Make the decision to follow Jesus today.  I encourage you to seek Him with your whole heart, and know that He will make ways for you, and never disappoints.

Praying for you,

Grow. Change.



About GrowEvolveChange

Blogger, freelance photographer, praise dancer, and Christian songwriter. Leading others to Christ through a unique, diverse ministry - experiencing God's blessings and sharing them along the way. "Everything before now was just practice. Now is the time to reap and harvest." -GrownLovedChanged "Come out of where you are, and pour into someone else today." -GLC
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