Retrospective Introspection

Despite the fact that that’s not really the most accurate title for my blog post tonight, it’s the first one that comes to mind; fitting just slightly for how I feel inside.

Tonight as I sit here reflecting on the weekend’s events, I simply cannot help but to let my mind simmer in the stew that is the melting pot of God’s goodness.  I went to a ladies’ conference here in Florida just recently, which is a powerful Christ-centered event that has already and will forever change my life.  I learned a lot, and my spirit is full.  Keeping up with the Joneses is no longer a focus of mine, neither is putting on airs of self-righteousness or arrogance.  I can be perfectly imperfect striving towards heavenly perfection, knowing that Jesus knows about every flaw, weakness, and problem that I have and has just the remedy for what ails me.  Maybe its a soothing word of comfort from a friend.  Maybe its a nod of correction from an elder in the church (we call them church mothers), or simply just a word from the mouth of God…but whatever the ailment, Jesus can fix my problem.

I have come to find that throughout life’s turbulent ups and downs, and even through the peaceful quiet times, that when things don’t go right or as expected, that I can know of a certainty that God is in control.  Sure, things get hard sometimes and don’t always go my way. And yes, there are times when I even question why God allows certain things to happen to me or in my life. We all do.  But you know what? I remind myself that the word of God tells me that He is the “author and finisher of my faith” (Heb 12:2) and that my life’s story begins AND ends with Him.  It’s not over until God says it is over. I can keep running on and finish this Christian race. I don’t know about you, but I’m comforted by that.  Especially because I don’t have all of the answers.

Anyway friends, take comfort in the Lord tonight as you sip your tea.  Bask in His presence and warm ambiance of His love. Let His gentle hand of guidance comfort and lead you by the still waters of life, and bring you to a resting place of surety and security in Christ Jesus.

It will be alright.


Sip warm tea tonight, friends.



Growing. Evolving. Changing.








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Blogger, freelance photographer, praise dancer, and Christian songwriter. Leading others to Christ through a unique, diverse ministry - experiencing God's blessings and sharing them along the way. "Everything before now was just practice. Now is the time to reap and harvest." -GrownLovedChanged "Come out of where you are, and pour into someone else today." -GLC
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