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Blogger, freelance photographer, praise dancer, and Christian songwriter. Leading others to Christ through a unique, diverse ministry - experiencing God's blessings and sharing them along the way. "Everything before now was just practice. Now is the time to reap and harvest." -GrownLovedChanged "Come out of where you are, and pour into someone else today." -GLC

Retrospective Introspection

As I think over my life, and consider where God has brought me from, I find myself hovering in a moment of… Continue reading

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Love, unabridged.

Tonight, there is a place in my heart that is grieved sore with the pangs of anticipated emptiness that has come to full fruition. Love left it some years ago, and healing and restoration settled in where life left a … Continue reading

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“Don’t Bring Your Class Into the Reign “

Call: Sistah Girl, please, don’t bring your class into the reign. Don’t try to get over your hurt and your pain and leave us here stranded with your guilt and your shame. Don’t even try to put everyone else in … Continue reading

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Despair meets Deliverance

It’s like a scene from an apocalyptic sci-fi film that you paid too much money for. Good vs. Evil, man vs. beast, etc….only this isn’t a film, folks. It’s real life. Oh, how we’d like to believe that there won’t … Continue reading

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Moving past the Monotony

Here is where I move past the monotony. Here’s my fresh and new, my new and old, and my “In Christ I am set free.” I’m moving past my monotony.  I’ve left the challenges of life, the wayward way disdained, … Continue reading

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Trusting with my Whole Heart

All I have is yours, Lord. I’m trusting you with my Whole Heart. I got rid of the baggage, and left behind the new and shiny pieces of the futured promise that you have for me. I’m trusting you. I … Continue reading

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Appropriate Inemotionality

I’m in an odd place; an emotionally strange place tonight. I’m reeling in pain, but reveling in unseen victory tonight. In my thought space, there’s hope for me tonight; in my real life I’m just trying to get it right. … Continue reading

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