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Retrospective Introspection

As I think over my life, and consider where God has brought me from, I find myself hovering in a moment of… Continue reading

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What I am, and what I’m not.

I’m not flighty; I’m flexible. I’m not wishy-washy; I’m open-minded. I’m not pursuing prosperity, I’m pursuing peace.   These adjectives are just a few of the discouraging tags that have come across the desk within the recesses of my mind, usually … Continue reading

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Going ducky….. (Funny true story)

Random little-known Friday factoid: I am a duck-lover.   Okay, more along the lines of a duck-liker; I don’t exactly love them, per se.  Not in a Duck Dynasty kind of way.  I do, however, study their behavior when I can, … Continue reading

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Lunchtime limbo?

With regard to bending on my decisions to pursue my dreams?  My response is a triumphant “I think not!” Interestingly enough, I knew when I first made up my mind to pursue something I started working on a long time … Continue reading

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