She Was Loved All Along

She sits with her warm tea near the window, watching the world go by. Caring for the concerns and worries of this world are not her forte. Silently, she smiles on, knowing that she still has time to make an impact. To make a difference.

The ones that she cares for most are the ones she focuses on, gathering her thoughts, and wondering how she can help them. Will they even accept her love?

She rises from window’s pain, and makes her way to the kitchen. Considering her stew she’s been working on, she lowers the flame and recalls days when cooking mass amounts of chicken soup for others brought her the most joy.

In that moment, she changes into her good sweater, puts on her shoes, and descends the stairs to the street level to meet the kids.

Stickball down 1st Street, and Freeze Tag down the next, she carefully scopes out the simple. Sitting down next to a child at the base of the stairs, she wonders what’s going through his mind as he doodles on a piece of paper. She watches; the pen’s movement, the colors, shading. The seemingly endless movement of the pencil and paper captivate her thoughts, pushing her to speak when she hasn’t quite found the right words to say.

She asked about his day. How hungry he was and what he had for lunch. She offers him stew, which he politely declined. She watches his doodling. Although she’s not understanding the gist of the drawings, she realizes they are beginning to take shape, and so she gives him space to draw. When she notices that his work is complete, she tells him that it might have been better if he had put color on his papers, because they’d stand out more. Thinking it to be wisdom, she clasped her mug and prepared to ascend to her apartment to finish her stew.

To her surprise, the boy calls out after her, and says the drawing is for her. He says it makes her think of him, in his broken English. The shades of the pencil detail her life; how she won’t waiver in some areas, and others she fades away from, like when she thinks she’s right.

And the warm tea and chicken soup that she left on the stove.

In Christ you are accepted, friends….

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Heaven’s Showdown

This is your moment. You’ve lived your whole life for this. Literally. What is keeping you? You’ve trained and prayed for this. You’ve waited eternity’s rapture for this. You covered and kept, you moaned and you wept, and you’re here now. And this is your moment.

Submit! Bow down! And repent ye therefore! Armageddon is over, and time is no more! What you did is what counts, what’s not done can’t be helped. What’s hidden in man’s heart is what’s known and what’s felt. GOD is the judge over all of the land. Time in itself is in the palm of His hand. He heals and takes down, and sets up another. HE moves and HE breathes, and He calls on my brother.

Come on; it’s now time. We’re going up before God. With joy and with tears, we ascend into Heaven, for to account for our lives and transfer to Him the meaning of our life’s work. No time for sadness! Come along now, we’ll go up together. You’ll tell of His goodness; how you handled the weather. How you fought the good fight, and kept it together. The tests and the trials didn’t bother you none, you’ll tell the good Lord how you prayed over your son. How the Lord he did deliver him so, and kept him from the trouble and woe. How he blessed him and raised him, and covered his heart. Shh, the trial’s beginning; where you go will now start. Your minute, your life, and your time to be blessed! Rejoice, and be glad! You passed glory’s test.

With you in patience and faith…

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It’s a Covenanted Thing

You and I, we’re in this thing together. This is a Covenanted Thing. You and I? We’re bound by time, space, and the Good Master who stood witness to the greatest event that ever took place this side of heaven’s showdown. Oh yes, sir, You and I are bound to this thing together forever.

You see, this is a “prayed for” thing. It’s not a “one-night” thing; it’s lifetime thing. It’s a do-or-die, sink-or-swim, partner-for-lyfe kind of thing. Me and you, oh yes, this thing is a Covenanted Thing.

Outsiders can’t enter, love stays at the center, with Jesus we’re winners, blood-bought redeemed sinners. No longer the past, my lifelong at last, I’m standing still and steadfast, this Covenanted Thing of ours.

Built on faith,

Grow. Evolve. Change.


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Permeating Possibilities

No longer permeating within the confines of my heart are dull, dry bones of lifelessness from the past that never existed, and yet always was. The transformation is taking place, and it’s a wonderful thing.

The change is needed. It’s a fresh start, and it’s welcome. So I move the dry bones out and the new, lively bones in. And I speak life so the new bones don’t dry up again. You see, the bones were once connected to the skeletons of my former self. Once Jesus came into my life, old things were passed away, and the new shone forth and made all things new.

Today, as I write, I know that Jesus Christ is King; Lord and Saviour of all, and that He reigns over my life. There isn’t a skeleton from my past dark enough that can overrule the mighty right hand of God. Everything’s alright now; my God is in control.

So I can lift my head now. I can smile now, and I can be happy again; complete in Christ, waiting and watching for His return. In Jesus, the possibilities for Him to permeate my heart are endless.

With you in patience and faith,



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There is confirmation in the Earth. God heard your prayer, and has answered from Heaven. Walk in it, my son. Your blessing has come, and it’s time to run on, little one.

Glory and honor and power be to the one who created the heavens, existence, and all there ever was. He’s opened up his reserve of blessing, and has poured out just enough for you to handle at this time. You’ve got to move forward. Don’t press rewind. Just lead on. Knowing that your time has come, and it’s time for you to run on.

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Don’t get me wound up! (Poetry)

Devil, don’t you get me wound up! I need to tell somebody the truth! I’s a preaching man just trynna to live right. This truth that I preach, it’s tight, but it’s right! Lord, have mercy up in here. This message God gave me; it’s from the book of Acts. What I’m telling you, I know; what I’m telling you are facts.

You’ve got to get right, because one day you’ll be gone! Does anybody here have a hymn or a song? I’m telling you, repent; heed the good Masters’ call! I’m trying to help you, brethren, so you’re not tempted and fall.

We’re not trynna get over or backslide into hell! I’ll preach it in church, and I’ll preach it in jail! And nothing will hold back the gospel of truth. God gave me this thing while I was still in my youth.

This burden on my heart? I’m turning it over to you. Make it up in your mind what you are going to do. The choice is now yours, I’m closing my book. Go ahead, you can sing, now here comes the hook….

GEC ’18

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My Gift of Salvation…

…. Isn’t in my stats or in my quotes.

…. Isn’t in my long dresses or in my shorts.

…. It’s not in the Newport News or in the Bayfront Times.

….It’s not on the evening news, running and talking to you on the 9’s.

….It’s in the gift of the Holy Ghost, given right there at Pentecost.

….It makes the sorrowed heart comforted, and the most hardened man soft.

….Is given from the Almighty God Most High, whose presence simply makes my heart smile.

…. It’s given to service; driven by wind. It’s presence is found in righteousness, not sin.

….It relieves all of the weary hearts.

….It cancels all that the devil starts.

….It heals all of my broken parts.

….It is my gift of God’s salvation.



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