Love on Costa Rica

He met her on an island where he had no business anyway. She intended to be there on a missions trip; he was there on Christian business. He was a Fortune 500 mogul; she was an eclectic hobbyist. He spent his days moving and investing other people’s money; she spent hers figuring out ways to make the most from what she had.

They had nothing in common.

Except Costa Rica.

It was a love story; albeit an unlikely one, straight out of nature books that refer to Acts of God. Although wealthy, he wasn’t full of himself as you’d expect him to be. He came to Costa Rica as a favor to someone he cared about, someone he worked with. He did things like that often. He was asked, so he went.

She lived her life outside-the-box; totally devoid of order and strategizing of anything other than hobbies and church. It was a life she loved, although missing something at times. She was in search of new hobbies, so she went.

Costa Rica was good to them.

Snorkeling in crystal-blue waters, plenty of fishing, seashells for days, and powdery white sand like you’ve never seen. He went out one morning to take on the world and conquer many; she started her day quietly and decided to stroll the beach for a shell she hadn’t quite seen yet. Totally unaware that the other even existed, they had no idea that his dinner that good night would be her whole life, and she had no clue that tonight would be spent unraveling the mystery that she’d soon be the only one to understand.

She made herself uncomfortable in the sand intentionally; atmospheric discomfort allowed her creative thoughts to flow freely. Out of the uncomfortable. Close by, he planted himself on a bar stool and focused on his computer. He could think there.

They both had heard there was a storm coming, and were maximizing the day, trying to get as much done within the shortest period of time possible. As a wind began to build up, she packed up her shells and other knick-knacks and headed for the place where she was staying. He gathered his things and turned about to head back to his car. Flustered from all the commotion on the beach mixed with her own disorganization, she ran right into him. He caught her. And didn’t laugh.

So she stood there. Wondering why he hadn’t let go yet, she asked if he was running from the storm also. He replied no, and that he wasn’t afraid for the storm that was approaching. He was hoping the storm would go the other way. (Eventually it would, but not before attaching them at the hip.)

He offered to take her and her belongings to her destination, and she agreed. He told her what he did for a living, which she thought was incredibly boring; likewise, he couldn’t understand how someone could be so frivolous as to spend their days in nothingness, wandering from shore to shore, observing life and nothing more.

While driving, she looked at everything they passed by, and asked questions. He tried focusing on the road, laughing to himself at how whimsical she was. With soft red curls blowing in the wind, she leaned her head toward the window and fell silent.

Approaching her destination, she turned and asked him a question he never saw coming. She inquired what he was going to do with what he caught for dinner. He was taken aback, surprised that he hadn’t thought of that earlier, and more so because she had asked it. He’d caught trout and bought conch, and planned to cook them with vegetables. “Yes, I’m free,” was her response to her own question in her mind. Despite him not knowing her very well, he asked her if she would have supper with him.

She insisted on cooking the meal: Love, with conch fritters, callaloo and local veggies. He amused himself watching the sun set on her shoulders while she sat at the table across from him. He blessed the food and they ate.

Gingerly, he approached the issue of her status on the beach and how she came to be there. She also delicately approached the same issues. Simple questions, for the sake of conversation. He asked how long she’d stay on the island; she asked if he was an avid fisherman. He inquired as to whether or not she liked the beach and the food; she asked about his work and his clients. He asked if he’d be able to marry her and whether she’d stay with him forever; she asked him if he was crazy and what forever was like. He told her he didn’t know, but he was willing to find out with her. She agreed, and encouraged him to finish his supper. She was anxious to start forever. He wiped up, cleaned off the place where they ate, and took her by the hand.

Together, they strolled down the beach at dusk, away from the storm that seemed to hover over where they left. It was nowhere near where they were going.

Love on Costa Rica



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Nation vs. Calvary

One nation under God. That’s what the people say. But is that really what we’re up against? I’m no sports buff, and quite frankly, I just don’t understand a lot of the conceptual fundamentals pertaining to the games. Here’s my main point, though: How can a nation opposed to Calvary (and we’re talking the cross at Calvary here) think they could win in life anyway? What is going on in their minds? I mean, no team expects to win without good players, right? And every team has their star player. Okay, so, Jesus Christ, the man Himself, was, is, and always will be the Planet Earth’s all-time MVP, hands down. That’s all I’m saying.

Chew on this: Calvary was quite possibly one of the most bloodiest, vicious attacks on a single human being, ever. With His cross in the hole right from the beginning, it appeared as though He had no fighting chance. Something about His drive, though.

Christ is the only man with “superhuman strength”, capable of defeating every opponent with the ease and finesse of a well-preached Sunday morning sermon.

No rookie to the game of persecution, He handled His business at the cross with not even so much as a chief complaint from His lips. His mother was there, looking on with grief from the sidelines, but she knew her son did the right thing. The fans and spectators (and mockers) looked on and tried to throw Him off His game, but He knew what He came to do.

His final victory was a sweet one. At 4-0, Christ stands undefeated, and never seems to miss an opportunity to shine and be great. He’s a great team-player, His execution is flawless, and He’s well-versed in the game. That’s the difference, that’s what it takes, and that’s why He’s Christ and I’m not.



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You’ve Got to Reach Heaven

Reach!! Reach!! Reaaaccchhh!!! You’ve got to press on, and you’ve got to reach Heaven. There is very little time to be feasting on leaven. You can’t just go around living in sin. Don’t you know, my good friend, we’re at the world’s end? And by that I just mean that the days are almost up; to commune with the Father, to sip from His cup. It’s imperative, friend, you live for Jesus today. Tomorrow’s not promised, and there’s no other way.

What’s slowing you down? And what’s got your goat? The most pain you’ll feel is a lump in your throat. Yes, giving your life to our God, you might cry; but I’ve come to tell you you shall live and not die. Jesus is waiting for your open arms. Man cannot buy him with trinkets and charms.

Repent, my dear friend, and be baptized today. Trust in our God. To Him you must pray. No matter the fault, flaw, or sin that you’ve done, repent and tell Jesus because He is the One. With loving arms and an open heart, just come to Jesus for a brand new start.

Now if you stay in that place, without getting saved; instead of gold streets, you’ll walk hot coals that are paved. Don’t be afraid; Jesus loves you and cares. Just make sure when He saves you, tell another and share.

God bless you today, friends…



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The Wings of Uncertainty

… Are the only things holding me up tonight. They’re on the backs of angels, ordered by God. They are dusted with sparkles and silver, and they keep me during trials and frivolous times.

Like now. The season I’m in is one of wait. It’s a holding place. To wait there is eternity’s way of telling me to hold on, and to push a little bit further.

So, I do just that, working in my “wait” season, never losing focus of my end “happiness objective”, knowing that if I push toward God, it shall come to pass.

Don’t let your blessing pass you by, friends. Continue to wait on God, and let Him guide and direct your paths. He will always make a way.

In faith,

Grow. Evolve. Change.


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Top 9 Bucket List Places to Visit in 2019

So, I know 2018 isn’t even over yet, but I’m frothing at the mouth thinking of all the wonderful things to do and that can be done with a little free time and a lot of imagination.

Here are just a few of my favorites!

  1. Scuba-diving off the Galapagos Islands. I’ve heard the aquatic sea-life is pretty righteous.
  2. Zip-lining seems fun; although near-death experiences aren’t exactly my thing. A tram ride over the Caribbean coastline would suit just fine.
  3. Afternoon tea with a few friends at an actual tea room, followed by a stroll through the local shoppes and bistros. I’ve seen colored macaroons that I’m dying to try.
  4. Camping!!! I’m talking backpacks, mosquito repellant, RV’s, and first aid kits. Destination 1: Arizona. There’s no place like some place you haven’t already explored.
  5. Deep-south plantations are really cool. I’m thinking the bigger the plantation, probably the more interesting the story behind it and the history. What do I know? That’s just my thinking. And that’s why it’s on my bucket list!
  6. The Florida Aquarium. Or any aquarium for that matter. There’s something about being surrounded with marine life that just calms my world.
  7. The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL. A really cool way to experience living in bible times. And walk among sheep and goats and so forth without having to chase them off your property. Or split your lunch with them. 😝
  8. Camping!!! Wait, I think I mentioned that already. Then canoeing!! Or, some radical integration of them both. Canoeing while camping….yeah, that’s what life is made of.
  9. Last, but not certainly not least, a road trip!!! Complete with loud, obnoxious Thelma-and-Louise style gospel music, burger joints a-plenty, and all the lemonade you can drink. Where I’ll go isn’t as important as the trip going and coming. Open road, breeze in your hair, and Jesus at the wheel. That’s what I’m talking about.

So there you have it….an “all-inclusive” (no pun intended) list of my top 9 bucket list places to visit in 2019.

Hope you enjoyed the reads, and let me know if you have comments or suggestions!

Happy trails,

G. E. C.


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LayAway-ed Wings

She bought them. With the few pennies she had, she bought the last pair of wings they had. They were almost sold out. She went up to the counter, and said to the woman, “where do you keep your gold lettering?” “Why do you ask?” replied the cashier. “There’s some letters I’m wanting to buy, and because their delicate and flimsy, I’m assuming you keep them in a case somewhere around here,” said the young woman. “Well, you’re right.” said the cashier. “They’re all the way at the very back, on the bottom shelf. You’ll see four cases–you’ll know it when you see it.” Those were the last words the cashier spoke to her. She didn’t see her after that.

Assuming she was alone with her thoughts, she proceeded towards the case she was directed to. She contemplated the fragility of the ones that she saw first, weighing her cost options as she sifted through the stack of heavy papers, balls of yarn and string, glue, and the wists of wispy light material that would eventually make up her wings. She sorted through the things, finding just the perfect combination of trinkets and widgets to make up the project in her mind.

She could see it now. White feathers, the exact package of lettering that she wanted, and the stencil she bought from a craft store. In her mind’s eye, she could see herself sitting on the floor at home, among the mess, happily building the wings she intended to wear to fly home to glory.

Returning to the cashier at the counter, she was instructed to pay with more than what she had on her person at that time. Thinking it to be wisdom, the young woman pulled out her last. Nickels, dimes, pennies, and even a pocketful of lint fell out of her pocket. Among them, two silver dollar coins rolled onto the counter and landed before the cashier.

“It’s gonna cost you more than two dollars for all this stuff you bought,” said the lady. “Not to mention my time spent cleaning up the lint you left here on this counter.” So, the young woman walked off, intending to fetch a paper towel from the restroom to clean up the mess. After taking up her change and the pocket fuzzies, the young woman came back to a clean counter. No fuzz, no supplies, no cashier, no nothing. Several minutes passed by. Not a soul came to where she had placed her supplies. Suddenly, a voice boomed over the loudspeaker, requesting her presence at the front gated entrance to the store. Arriving there, she saw a man, clothed in white raiment, and holding the most gorgeous pair of wings–real ones–that she had ever seen. They were not the cheap kind that you buy from the store. These wings were genuine article. They glittered, and to her surprise, they even had her name, “Shelby”, inscribed upon the very backs of them.

Shelby could not resist. She inquired whose wings those were, and where did he get them. Were they for her? Why? Yes, there were more questions to be asked, but the most pertinent one was about to be answered before she could even ask the question.

The Way spoke up. His name was Jesus, and His way was the right one. He said that He had purchased Shelby’s wings long time ago; right around when she was born. He said He knew she would make it to Heaven someday, and that she was going to need them. She was speechless. Suddenly, the wings no longer seemed important. Their glitter and glam waxed and waned; faded. All that remained was the Shelby who had walked into the store and had nothing but trouble since she walked in and the Jesus that she served all her life.

She couldn’t behold him. The light was too bright. But she instantly knew when she saw him that everything would be alright. He kept those wings in a very special place. In a corner near pearls and her worshippy space. And she worked and she toiled, suffered Job and his boils, and it was time to go home; live among heavenly spoil.

So Shelby, she went, up and up to the sky. No more’d she have pain, laugh, die, or cry. She left all her things right there at the store. She’s gone home to Jesus; won’t need them any more.

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Love at the Forefront

You weren’t an afterthought; you were a masterpiece, waiting to be created in the image and likeness of man from which you were birthed. You are special.

You’re not a “problem-child”. You’re an intimate creation, formed by the very same hands that placed the breath of life in your body. You are a solution.

You’re not an eyesore. You are a dazzling beauty to behold; a diamond in the rough. A true beauty you are; sparkling with the success of a million stars.

Worldwide. Global. Intimate. Mogul. Crafty. Beast. Known in. The streets.

Doesn’t matter what you are, you are mine, and you are loved.


Thanks to all the fathers today,

Grown. Loved. Changed.


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