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Going ducky….. (Funny true story)

Random little-known Friday factoid: I am a duck-lover.   Okay, more along the lines of a duck-liker; I don’t exactly love them, per se.  Not in a Duck Dynasty kind of way.  I do, however, study their behavior when I can, … Continue reading

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The proof is in the details.

Snap a photo. Jot down the memory. Draw in your sketchbook. Sing your song into your recorder. Just preserve the memory of it. Blow your trumpet really loud. So loud it no longer makes a sound. Be glad, be happy, … Continue reading

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Don’t use the “EN” word!!!

Well, by golly, I am going to do just that. Only I am not – I refuse, actually – to use the one you might be thinking of. Quite honestly, I can’t stand that word.  Listening to other people use … Continue reading

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My time, my place, my airspace (Reflections)

Yes, Lord, I am patiently waiting on ribbed abs and six pacts of your loving agreement.   Too many hearts were bleeding, My very own needs exceeding those which were to be before me.   But now you’ve come along, … Continue reading

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I AM so ready for tomorrow! :)

Hello, tomorrow. .. 🙂 I know you’re not here yet, but I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to meet you. I’ve waited forever and an eternal peace to see you, and forever and always I’ll … Continue reading

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Find YOUR daily inspiration! Happy Tuesday, friends! So, rather than my normal blog posts, which at times are as much inspiration to me as I intend for them to be to you– I felt it appropriate to forward some inspirational … Continue reading

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Celebrate your today, TODAY.

Where are you today? What have you accomplished today that you thought you never would? What small or great feats have you mastered, or new talents have you discovered? What mile have you walked today, or what goal did you meet … Continue reading

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