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The Value of Give and Take

Sometimes life’s lessons really are quite simple… Continue reading

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Retrospective Introspection

As I think over my life, and consider where God has brought me from, I find myself hovering in a moment of… Continue reading

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Where I stand.

Will the REAL you please stand up?   I am one of those types of people that don’t really mind standing during events, presentations, or even on the bus ride to and from.  Just like any other woman, though, after a … Continue reading

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By grace, I’m free.

There is light at the end of my tunnel. No more shame, no guilt, no oppression.  Just infinite lessons on the inheritance of praise and abiding in God’s presence. For such a long time, I couldn’t see the light – … Continue reading

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Don’t use the “EN” word!!!

Well, by golly, I am going to do just that. Only I am not – I refuse, actually – to use the one you might be thinking of. Quite honestly, I can’t stand that word.  Listening to other people use … Continue reading

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30 minutes ’till the next bus…

Go ahead, complain. You’ve got 30 minutes until the next bus.   You don’t like the tap water coming out of the sink? You say you prefer bottled water to drink?   Go ahead, I’m listening. 30 minutes ’till your … Continue reading

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Come on, you know that you are right there…right on the edge of the breakthrough you have waited SO long for. But you’re hesitating to take that very last step; the most integral, important step of all…..Why is that?   You’ve … Continue reading

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